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Superman's New Costume

What are your thoughts on Superman's new costume without the traditional red trunks?

Here is a shot from the final panel of the newly rebooted Justice League #1:

And the new costume is not just in the comics. Here's a shot of Henry Cavill from the set of the upcoming Man of Steel (to be released in 2013):

No, Cavill's version is not going to lose the cape; this is a non-shooting photo. 

However, here's my thing: I realize that to moderns, Superman's traditional red trunks seem kind of like he's wearing his underwear on the outside of the costume if it's thought about too much. However, from a stylistic viewpoint, the red trunks always seemed to balance the costume. Is it just me now, or does Superman's new outfit look a little bit like he's wearing red boots with blue pajamas—something kids might do to pretend they're Superman?

The new costume in the comic books also sports a militarized collar. How's that going to work under Clark Kent's suit?

Your questions, thoughts, comments and/or rebuttals are expected in the comments below.