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...And a Poem (Kathy's New Book)

Kathy's new collection of Bible poetry, ...And a Poem, is now available for the Kindle, Nook, and in paperback

The title is borrowed from that old stereotypical preacher's formula, "three points and a poem." Often Kathy will take sermon notes by putting a message to poetry, and some of her best are collected here. 

For instance, here's her poem about Eutychus, based on Acts 20:7-12:

The Apostle Paul often spoke
For hours upon end
And sometimes went past midnight
When he caught a second wind.

One such night this happened
While Eutychus sat perched
High upon a windowsill
When meeting with the church.

A yawn, a crash, and chaos!
Eutychus fell fast,
The fall was down three stories
And he knew it was his last!

The people crowded round
While Paul ran to his side.
He wrapped his arms around him,
Poor Eutychus had died.

“Alas! He isn’t hurt!”
Was Paul’s excited shout.
He had raised him from the dead—
There wasn’t any doubt!

Paul preached on ‘til dawn
While the people sat in awe
After seeing this great miracle
Of Eutychus and his fall.


Seriously--where else are you going to find a poem about Eutychus? She even has one about Zerubbabel, believe it or not!

...And a Poem is the first of hopefully many books from This Lamp Press (you read that correctly). This first volume contains 45 poems, and watch for a second book of Kathy's poetry later this summer, tentatively titled Pictures on the Fridge.

We've tried to price these books inexpensively because we're more interested in people actually reading them than making money. The Kindle and Nook editions are 99¢ and the paperback is $6.99, which is about as low as we can make it. 




This Morning at Church

I notice Kathy’s looking me up and down while we’re sitting in the service which has already started.

I make a “What are you doing?” look with my eyes.

Kathy whispers, "I couldn’t remember what you were wearing. I always like to remember what you’re wearing.”

I make the same look with my eyes, this time meaning, “And why…?”

“Just in case you’re kidnapped,” Kathy whispers.