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Accordance for Windows on a Surface Pro

Last week, Accordance for Windows dropped its "beta" status and was released to the world. I've been running Accordance for Windows since very early builds on my Surface Pro, and I've watched as each release improved stability and added in features already present in the Mac version. 

For those who don't know, Accordance has been a premium Bible software application on the Macintosh since 1994. It was the first Bible application on the Mac to bring original biblical languages to users, and it has continued to maintain its reputation as being the application for serious study of biblical Greek and Hebrew (and now a number of other related languages).

Accordance has always had the reputation of being extremely fast, able to perform complex searches, often in a literal blink of the eye. Fortunately, the newly released Windows version maintains that same speed and flexibility. 

As I mentioned, I've been running Accordance on a Microsoft Surface Pro (128 GB model, running Windows 8.1 Preview). I've put together a video that lasts roughly 12 and a half minutes featuring Accordance on my Surface Pro. Normally, if I were demonstrating software, I'd use screen recording software, but in this instance, I've used a hand-held Canon video camera so that I can demonstrate the use of a digital pen. 

Here's my video on YouTube. I recommend watching it full screen at 720p or 1080p.

Or if you like, here's the original and more shaky version on Vimeo.

Want to run Accordance on your own Surface Pro? Oak Tree Software has just announced that they are giving away a brand new Surface Pro 2 to a lucky winner. Enter here.

For more on Accordance for Windows:


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