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Review: iPhone 6 Plus Case with Kickstand from i-Blason



Although I bought the leather Apple case for the iPhone 6 Plus, I was concerned that it would prevent scratches but not hard drops. Therefore, I bought the i-Blason case to have as well. The case is better quality than what I thought it would be for the price. It's very sturdy and solid. If you're afraid that you might bend your iPhone 6 Plus (and I'm not), this may be the case for you.

The i-Blason case fits the iPhone 6 Plus perfectly, although the camera hole is slightly off vertically. This is not a big deal as there is plenty of room around the camera so the lens is not obstructed. If anything, it's remarkable how accurate the case is considering it shipped the same day the phones were available, so there's no way the company could have had them in hand when creating these cases.

One reason I chose this case had to do with the ability to have the kickstand to prop the phone on its side. This works quite well, although it's slightly awkward to snap the stand into place. There's no equivalent issue with folding it back in place, though.

The power button and volume button overlays feel like they make a better connection than Apple's own case. When I press them it feel like I'm pressing a button rather than something on top of a button. 

I'm not interested in using the belt clip (that's a bit too 1999 Palm Pilot for me), but that's a separate piece so the case does not require the clip for use.

Note that shipment comes from i-Blason not Amazon and shipped via DHL. My shipment was scheduled to be delivered between a Wednesday and a Friday, but it didn't come until Tuesday of the next week. Even DHL indicated that it would arrive by the earlier Friday, so I have no idea why it was so late. I'm not sure if it was the fault of the DHL or i-Blason.


Feel free to add your questions, thoughts, comments and rebuttals in the comments.



Happy 20th Birthday, Accordance!

Accordance is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, having released version 1.0 in 1994. I didn't begin using it until 1998, when it was around version 3, I believe. Accordance played a significant role in my move from using Windows to the Macintosh in 1998. As I was considering the transition, Bible software was my last and most important holdup. I wanted to make certain that I could still access original language texts like I could do with the software I was using at the time in Windows. Someone told me about Accordance, and I began researching the program. After reading a handful of 3rd party reviews, I was blown away. I can't remember the details now, but I remember realizing that I couldn't do what I was reading about Accordance in any program that I knew of running on Windows.

Of course, today Accordance runs on Windows as well as the Mac--and iOS. I use Accordance every day and have done so for years. I have four Bible software programs installed on my MacBook Pro, but 95% of what I need Bible software for I do in Accordance. It's my go-to program. Accordance is not only fast, but it also does all my exegetical "heavy lifting." 

Through April 9, Accordance is running a 20% off everthing sale. That's everthing--even the larger collections of software. To take advantage of the sale, use the code "Anni20."


Your questions, thoughts, comments and rebuttals are welcome in the comments section.


My Latest Words on Books of Words...

Yes, I am still alive.

One day, I would really like to get back to regular blogging. I miss it, and I miss the interaction. At its high point this blog got about 750 hits a day. Now, it's about 200 with me doing very little. But I'll be back to regular posts eventually. Hopefully, this year. 

In the meantime, I did write a post for the Accordance Blog. See "The Latest Word on Lexicons (Pun Intended)."




My DNA Results Are No Longer Boring!

Last year, I wrote a post titled "Are My DNA Results Boring?" This question was a response to my results from's autosomal DNA test, which they are still currently promoting. I felt my DNA results were boring because they revealed very little diversity in my ancestral lineage--in fact, less diversity than my own family tree research would suggest.

Here are my original results:

But now has rejiggered their results. Suddenly my DNA results are much more diverse:

Suddenly my DNA heritage feels much more exciting! These results, by the way, are more in line with the testing that I also had done last year with

 I like the new results much better. I just have to wonder what they'll look like next year.


Questions, thoughts, comments and rebuttals are welcome in the comments.


Accordance for Windows on a Surface Pro

Last week, Accordance for Windows dropped its "beta" status and was released to the world. I've been running Accordance for Windows since very early builds on my Surface Pro, and I've watched as each release improved stability and added in features already present in the Mac version. 

For those who don't know, Accordance has been a premium Bible software application on the Macintosh since 1994. It was the first Bible application on the Mac to bring original biblical languages to users, and it has continued to maintain its reputation as being the application for serious study of biblical Greek and Hebrew (and now a number of other related languages).

Accordance has always had the reputation of being extremely fast, able to perform complex searches, often in a literal blink of the eye. Fortunately, the newly released Windows version maintains that same speed and flexibility. 

As I mentioned, I've been running Accordance on a Microsoft Surface Pro (128 GB model, running Windows 8.1 Preview). I've put together a video that lasts roughly 12 and a half minutes featuring Accordance on my Surface Pro. Normally, if I were demonstrating software, I'd use screen recording software, but in this instance, I've used a hand-held Canon video camera so that I can demonstrate the use of a digital pen. 

Here's my video on YouTube. I recommend watching it full screen at 720p or 1080p.

Or if you like, here's the original and more shaky version on Vimeo.

Want to run Accordance on your own Surface Pro? Oak Tree Software has just announced that they are giving away a brand new Surface Pro 2 to a lucky winner. Enter here.

For more on Accordance for Windows:


As always, your questions, thoughts, comments and rebuttals are welcome in the comments.


Hot Shoe Burnin' Down the Avenue (Panama!)*

Kathy and I will be leaving early Saturday morning (June 22) for a week's vacation in Panama that she won while on Wheel of Fortune last year. The prize package was put together by Caravan Tours, and it looks like we're going to have a very full week ahead of us. If you're interested, you can see our full itinerary HERE.

We will be staying at three different resorts during the week that all promise to include WiFi. Our goal is to post some daily (graphical) journals using iPhoto for iPad. I will attempt to edit this post all week and add the links to the journals as they are available. If we're connected on FaceBook, I will also post links there.

Bookmark this post and come back during the week to see updates to our trip.

Day 1:;CAEQARoQUXEZFi8IwAfcotF5uYJi8w;C4FD9267-B2B6-4647-8FE9-3DE4AF9177E4

(I'll come back and fix the URLs to proper links later.)

*According to Wikipedia, evidently the Van Halen song "Panama" has nothing to do with the country of Panama. Oh well.


New -Jobs- Trailer: Does It Look Any Better Now?

Released today: new trailer for -Jobs- with Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. The clip released a few months back looked terrible. This first official trailer looks a bit better.

Thought? Opinions? Go!


Proofreading Apple

I got this email from Apple yesterday:

Granted, Apple is made up of fallible people just like any other company, and I'm the first to admit I make enough errors of my own. Nevertheless, I was still surprised to see the two sentences that I have highlighted above. 

The first sentence should probably read, "We are contacting you regarding the iOS Developer Program." The second sentence contains a comma splice (two independent clauses joined by a comma instead of a period or semicolon). 

When I first read the email, I honestly thought it was perhaps a phishing scam and not from Apple at all. I later determined the email really was from Apple, and this surprised me because I expect a level of professionalism from the company greater than this based on my years of experience with them.

Again, this is a good reminder to me that companies are made up of real people who make mistakes--just like I do. However, it should also be a reminder to all of us to proofread what we send out!


Your questions, thoughts, comments and rebuttals are welcome below.


Accordance for Windows: Yes, It's Real

Optional headline: A significant temperature decrease in Hades has been reported.

Click on image for a larger view.

What you're seeing above is an internal beta for Accordance 10.x for Windows, running in Windows 8. Yes, Accordance, which has been exclusively on Apple platforms since it was launched in 1994, is coming to Windows. This is the second internal beta released in as many weeks. Although an exact release date (beyond simply 2013) has not yet been announced, the build I have is already starting to impress. 

If you've been wanting to run Accordance--with all its speed and power--but didn't want to leave Microsoft Windows to do so, you won't have to wait much longer.

For what it's worth, I would suggest that the beta of Accordance for Windows is already faster than similar programs on the same platform.

Stay tuned. More details to come. 


The image above has been posted with permission. Your questions, thoughts, comments and rebuttals are welcome below.


OakTree Releases Nestle-Aland 28th Edition Greek New Testament with Apparatus for Accordance

Yesterday, OakTree Software released the new 28th edition of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece (or Greek New Testament) for Accordance Bible Software. The NA28 first appeared near the end of 2012 in print, but the electronic edition in Accordance allows for much greater flexibility in its use. The Accordance edition of the NA28 takes the content of the hard copy and separates it into three distinct modules that can run in sync together or with other New Testament texts and reference tools, such as commentaries. The three modules include the text itself, the critical apparatus and a separate cross reference tool.

Text, apparatus, and cross references. Click on the image to see fullscreen. The changes between the 27th and 28th edition are not earth shattering in what I've looked at so far, but all who are interested in the latest developments in New Testament studies will want this update. The official website of the Nestle-Aland text contains a basic summary of the changes:

  • Newly discovered Papyri listed
  • Distinction between consistently cited witnesses of the first and second order abandoned
  • Apparatus notes systematically checked
  • Imprecise notes abandoned
  • Previously concatenated notes now cited separately
  • Inserted Latin texts reduced and translated
  • References thoroughly revised
  • New reconstruction of the text
  • Defining the Consistently Cited Witnesses for the Catholic Letters

There are 34 changes in the 27th and 28th editions of the text, and these occur only in the Catholic Letters. If you already have the 27th edition of the Nestle-Aland Greek text, you can use Accordance's compare feature to immediately see the differences between the two editions:

Comparing the NA27 & NA28. Click on the image for a larger view.Rick Bennett has put together a fantastic video exploring the NA27 in Accordance that easily demonstrates the flexibility and superiority of a tagged electronic biblical text over a regular print edition. The video clocks in at 6:50 minutes and is well worth your time. 

New users will pay $109 for the NA28, but there is also upgrade pricing available for those who own an earlier edition of the Greek New Testament. See details at the Accordance website.


As always, your questions, thoughts, comments and rebuttals are welcome.