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Theotek Podcast #26: Make Yourself Presentable

On today's Theotek podcast, we began with a quick discussion of Google Now on Tap, announced yesterday at Google I/O 2015. Then we moved on to our primary discussion about worship presentation software with our guest, Paul Clifford of Paul showed us some new features in ProPresenter 6 for the Mac
Personally, I found this to be one of the most stimulating discussions on Theotek since I've been involved. We moved well beyond the topic of worship technology as we discussed the worship experience in general, including the ongoing concern about worship as only passive entertainment vs. worship as a full multi-sensory, participatory experience. 

If you want to join us live each Friday at 9 AM EST, or if you want to know where you can subscribe and download episodes, head on over to the Theotek website for more information. 

Feel free to add questions, thoughts comments, or rebuttals here in my comments section or in the comments for today's episode on YouTube.