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Received: 128 GB Surface 3

I was not in the market for a new Windows tablet, but when I had the opportunity to obtain a Surface 3 combo package (including keyboard and pen) at half price a few weeks ago, I found it difficult to pass up. 

Above: Accordance running on the Surface 3. 

Commercially released today, this is the 128 GB model with 4 GB of RAM (a lesser 64 GB/2 GB RAM model, too). Yes, I actually chose red as the color for the keyboard and matching pen; I've really been into red a lot lately. The Surface 3 has a lesser processor than the Surface Pro 3--a Quad-core Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor to be exact--which is why it also costs less than the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft claims that "Surface 3 offers more than 80% of the performance of Surface Pro 3 with Intel Core i3 processor." 

I'll have a full review at some point in the near future. I haven't had much time to spend with the device yet, but it seems to be quite capable for most basic computing needs. One odd issue that I've confirmed with Kevin Purcell who also received a Surface 3 today: under heavy processing load, the battery charge of the Surface 3 may decrease even when plugged in. I'll explore this issue further for my upcoming review. 

In the meantime, here are a few more photos.

Above, the new matching red Surface 3 pen with the original Surface Pro 3 pen.


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