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Proofreading Apple

I got this email from Apple yesterday:

Granted, Apple is made up of fallible people just like any other company, and I'm the first to admit I make enough errors of my own. Nevertheless, I was still surprised to see the two sentences that I have highlighted above. 

The first sentence should probably read, "We are contacting you regarding the iOS Developer Program." The second sentence contains a comma splice (two independent clauses joined by a comma instead of a period or semicolon). 

When I first read the email, I honestly thought it was perhaps a phishing scam and not from Apple at all. I later determined the email really was from Apple, and this surprised me because I expect a level of professionalism from the company greater than this based on my years of experience with them.

Again, this is a good reminder to me that companies are made up of real people who make mistakes--just like I do. However, it should also be a reminder to all of us to proofread what we send out!


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