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Unlimited Data (with asterisks)

Kathy and I still have the original unlimited data plans from AT&T going back to our initial iPhone purchases in 2007.

But my definition of unlimited is very different than AT&T's definition.

Recently I received the attached text from AT&T telling me that since I have gone over 3 GB in one month, they may reduce my data speeds in the future if I keep doing so.

Fortunately, we're no longer under contract for Kathy's iPhone 3G or my iPhone 4. We now have options.

Sprint's unlimited data is appealing but their coverage is significantly less than AT&T and Verizon. I've heard grumblings about the new plans from Verizon, but at least now we have choice of carriers when the new iPhone is announced next month.

I'd be interested to hear in the comments from folks who have switched from AT&T to one of the other providers.

[This blog entry was written on my iPhone and posted via AT&T 3G out of spite.]