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Accordance 12 Featured on Theotek Podcast #86

This past Tuesday night, Mark Allison, my co-worker at OakTree Software/Accordance joined Kevin Purcell, Wes Allen and me to show off the new features of Accordance 12. Mark was the perfect choice to show off the new features since he has been teaching our "What's New in Accordance 12?" webinar

Here's the YouTube posting of Theotek podcast #86. 

Also, check the Theotek website for full show notes for episode #86. 

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Reader Comments (1)

href=">My question is why the need for a complete update of the (H)CSB after only 14 years since it's publication and 8 years since its last revision? The NLT suffers from multiple update-itis as well. Contrast the RSV/NRSV (27 years before complete updatealbeit with some revisions) and the NIV (appeared in 1977, revised 1984, completely updated in 2011, not counting the TNIV <sigh>).

I'm not opposed to publishers doing these complete updates to their translations. I just wish they would issue them at a decent interval of 20-25 years. I can't escape the uneasy feeling these frequent updates are more due to the marketing needs of the publishers rather than advances in scholarship and/or changes in the English language....

Ironically, I just learned that the ESV text has now been made permanent as of summer 2016.

January 23, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterali murtaza

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