The Drone Debacle
Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 6:32PM
R. Mansfield in DX-4, Drone, Sharper Image, Technology

In case you haven't seen it on my FaceBook page, here is my drone debacle from a couple of weeks ago. 

Kathy got me a Sharper Image DX-4 Video Drone for my birthday in November. According to the instructions, the drone is supposed to initially hover about three or four feet in the air. Mine didn't do that, though. It took off and kept climbing higher. It was supposed to only have a 150 foot height range to keep it from having to be registered with the FAA. Again, not so--this drone kept going up, went into the clouds, and was GONE!

Captured here is the drone's maiden and only voyage. Footage by Kathy Mansfield, Sonny Orren, and the drone posthumously named "Icarus." My thanks to Jason Ebeyer for editing the three video streams together.

No, the drone was never found. If my wife ever lets me have another one, I'll put my name and phone number on it before I fly it!



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